2018 Goals and Resolutions

Happy new year everyone!

We can’t believe that 2017 has come and gone so fast.

Since it’s a brand new year it’s time for new changes, new goals, new aspirations and new resolutions. Not only for our personal lives but also for this blog, we want to explore, create different content and try new things.

It’s always great to change it up a bit so your creativity can flow, and what better time to start something than the new year.

So be ready to see more posts about different types of things.

Sharlene’s Goals & Resolutions

2018 GOALS

  • Get more blog followers
  • Meeting Josh’s family
  • Lose a few pounds
  • Make more friends
  • Making Josh happy
  • Create a business
  • Creating new and exciting blog content
  • Going to Kansas

2018 Resolutions

  • Be happy
  • Stay positive
  • Remember to appreciate the small things
  • Travel more
  • Be more healthy
  • Meet more people
  • Being a better person
  • Read more
  • Spending more time together as a couple
  • Read the Bible more
  • Pray more often

2017 Reflections

  • Started the blog not knowing what we were going for, but very glad we did.
  • Tried new things.
  • Had my first date.
  • Brought Josh home to meet the family.
  • Starting a new journey in life with Josh.
  • Got a new camera
  • Took more chances.

Josh’s Reflections & Resolutions

2018 Goals

  • Buy a house
  • Give everything that Sharlene deserves
  • Promote our blog more
  • Get a better job
  • Make partner on twitch this year!

2018 Resolutions

  • Make Sharlene happy
  • Try to enjoy the little things more
  • Sleep more
  • Workout more
  • Be healthier
  • Focus more and set goals

2017 Reflections

  • Traveling to California to see the love of my life was very exciting. (Went three times)
  • Got on a plane for the first time.
  • Meeting Sharlene’s family was nerve-wracking but also very relieving. They welcomed me into the family, with open arms!
  • Started this blog with Sharlene and it was very exciting
  • Stepped out of my comfort zone but well worth it.
  • Overall an amazing year!

Wishes you all a blessed and wonderful New Years!

Can’t wait to share the new things that are coming soon.

-Sharlene & Josh