Motivational Monday #6

For this week I decided to try something a little bit different and share a small playlist that can help you get through the week. I know for a fact that music can have such a big impact in making you feel a certain way, whether it’s sad music to help you deal with a loss, soft music to help you relax or upbeat music that makes you want to dance. Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart. It’s something that doesn’t need any explanation, it’s something that you feel inside.


This playlist will be focusing on trying to make you feel good so you can look forward to this week.

(I know everyone has different taste in music so bare with us if you don’t enjoy the playlist, As for us we enjoy listening to all types of music.)

  • Simple Life by Casey Abram
  • Brighter Than The Sun by Colbie Caillat
  • Shut Up and Dance by WALK THE MOON
  • Fine By Me by Andy Grammer
  • Wona by Mumford and Sons
  • Brave by Sara Bareilles
  • Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson
  • Never Let You Go by Kygo ft. John Newman
  • Stranger Things by Kygo ft. OneRepublic
  • Riding Shotgun by Kygo, Oliver Nelson ft. Bonnie McKee
  • Sunrise by Kygo ft. Jason Walker
  • Permanent by Kygo ft. JHart
  • What Lovers Do by Maroon 5 ft. SZA (A-Trak Remix)

If you have any songs that you would like to share with us please leave us a comment, I’ll look forward to it.

Hope you have an awesome week!

-Sharlene & Josh


Motivational Monday #5

Fear is what comes to mind when I think of Halloween. But that’s not the only type fear out there, the fear of loosing a loved one, the fear of trying something new or the fear of failing in something, the list can go on and on.

I know from personal experience that fear can stop you from trying to accomplish things in life. It’s hard for me to try new things because I’m afraid of leaving my comfort zone. I rather play it safe then to try something new because I have a thought in the back of my mind telling me, WHAT IF? What if things don’t go according to plan? What if you get hurt? What if it wasn’t worth doing? This is what goes through my mind because I’m such an overthinker, I always have to think of the negative before the positive and by the time I get to the positive it’s pretty much too late since all the negativity has gotten to me by then.

But what we have to remember is that FEAR IS TEMPORARY. It’s NOT going to last forever. But the things that we don’t do because of fear is going to become Regret and that’s something that will stick with you.

One of the things that I’ve done to face my fears was to take a chance on a guy who didn’t live in the same state as me. Pushing through the long distance, taking a chance on a relationship and trusting him.

If I hadn’t faced my fears and taken that chance I would most likely be thinking back right now with regret, wondering what would have happened if I did?

So ignore your fears and live life to the fullest! I know it’s easier said then done but pushing your fears aside and doing the things you want in life will be the most rewarding feeling.

Also, pray. Praying over your fears does wonders, always know that you’re never alone and that GOD is always with you.





Have a fearless week and I’ll see you next Monday.



Motivational Monday #4

Patience is a virtue or so the saying goes, But instant gratification is more of what our society knows.

“Good things come to those who wait.” Probably something you’ve heard more than a few times in your life. I stand by this quote because it’s happened to me before. I know that having to wait for something to happen can be hard because we’re humans, we’re impatient and we want things to happen right away even though we know that’s not how life works.

Sometimes you have to just step back, and let things happen the way they should. Let life happen. There’s nothing wrong with waiting.

Something that I’ve learned as an adult, is that if you have to wait for something or someone, the wait is usually always worth it.





Hope you all have a blessed week and I’ll see you next Monday.







Motivational Monday #3

Stress! what can I say… it’s everywhere. School, work, family, relationships. Just about everything causes stress, even the good things like planning a wedding or birthday party can cause you stress. It’s like no matter where you go or what you do somehow it will follow you.

When I’m stressing over something whether it be a big or small problem I like to ask myself these questions.

  • Why is this stressful? Really think about it, sometimes you come to realize that it wasn’t even worth stressing over to begin with.
  • Why are you doing this? Is it worth the stress? If not then stop doing it.
  • Can you give it up? Sometimes it’s worth giving up things that are unnecessary to stress over.
  • Is it worth holding on to? I know sometimes its hard letting go but sometimes it’s what’s best for you.
  • Is it worth stressing over with? Sometimes you can get ahead of yourself and start to think of the negatives instead of the positives instead of doing the opposite.
  • Don’t OVERTHINK! I know it’s hard not to do but just try not to think about it so much, TBH it won’t help you doing so.
  • I know it might seem difficult right now but in the long run, you’ll look back and think it wasn’t so hard after all because you were able to make it through.






Since there’s practically nothing you can do about preventing stress, here are a few simple things you can do to cope with it.

  • Reading
  • Taking a bubble bath
  • Watching a movie (I always recommend comedy)
  • Go on a little getaway (have a little you time)
  • Shopping (retail therapy is a must)
  • Taking a walk
  • Exercising
  • Writing
  • Dance
  • Poetry
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Playing with pets
  • Talking with someone
  • Some say cleaning (I’m not a fan of this one haha)
  • Cooking
  • Napping (My boyfriends favorite)
  • Listening to Music (I know this one works)
  • Don’t forget to breathe!

I know this post was longer than intended but I hope you enjoyed and it was somewhat helpful to some.

Have a wonderful week and see you next Monday!



Motivational Monday #2

It’s Monday again so you know what that means! Time for another motivational post =)

I noticed that this week I needed some extra motivation when it came to school. I know there’s a lot of college/ high-school students that can agree with me on this, but having to balance school, relationships, friendships, work and just life in general can get difficult. Trying to do well in school and staying motivated when times get tough can be hard when you have a bunch of other things occupying your mind.

Just remember to always remind yourself that you can do this! Just don’t give up no matter how hard it might get, give yourself more credit, and you can do all things through HIM who gives you strength.




Hope you all have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next Monday!




Motivational Mondays

Hey everyone, recently I’ve been lacking in motivation to post on here so I decided that it’s time for me to do something about it. Sometimes when I’m on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, I’ll come across a motivational/ inspirational quote that will grab my attention and trigger something in me that gets me out of that state of mind. Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that can change the way you feel or think about something. So I decided that every Monday I will post something that is motivational whether it be a quote, picture, video, song, or just something that spoke to me. I’ll post and share it here with you guys and hope that it helps you with whatever you may be dealing with.

M1.2     M1

Since today is Monday, this will be the first motivational post to help you get you through the week, hope it speaks to you.

If you have any recomendations or want me to post something motivational about anything specific please let me know through a comment or email.

Have a great week and See you next Monday!
– Sharlene

Spicy Lettuce Wraps

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to try something new and share a recipe with you guys. This is one of my go-to meals that make when I don’t have a lot of time to cook but still want something delicious and healthy.


  • 1lb. Ground turkey or Ground chicken
  • ½ cup diced onion
  • 1 tbs. minced garlic
  • ½ cup of diced tomato or 1 small tomato
  • 2 tbs. Oil (I prefer coconut oil)
  • Lettuce of your choice (I prefer romaine)
  • Shredded Cheese of your choice
  • Salsa (optional)


  • 1 tsp. Tabasco Sauce (any hot sauce of your choice)
  • 1 tsp. Paprika
  • 1 tsp. Cayenne Pepper
  • 1 tsp. Salt and Pepper (to taste)
  • 1 tsp. Garlic or Onion powder
  • 1 tsp. Mrs. Dash original season blend (salt-free)


  1. In a large skillet, add the oil and let it heat up over medium heat. Add the chicken, break it up with a wooden spoon and add all the spices, cook it until it’s about more than halfway done.
  2. Now add the onion, garlic, and tomato, stir it with the spoon and let it cook.
  3. Once it’s all fully cooked, scoop some into the lettuce leaf, sprinkle some cheese and salsa over it and voilà!

Note: This is how I make my lettuce wraps but of course you can always change it to your liking.

I Hope you enjoy this recipe, if you do please tell me what you think by leaving me a comment or message. Also if you would like for me to post some more recipes please let me know =)

– Sharlene