Hey everyone, as you all know there was a horrible shooting in a high school in Florida this month and just the thought of it brings me sadness. But through that sadness there must come strength, strength to do something about it. I had the opportunity to team up with an amazing girl named Noel. You all have to go and check out her blog. She started a campaign called #conquerhatewithlove it’s about the shooting so if you want to know more click here. She’s doing a giveaway and the way it works is that for every story people post on Instagram with the hashtag #conquerhatewithlove OR posting on her blog with a link to a blog post, they will get a chance to win a giveaway. So if you’d like to enter I suggest you head on over and read more about it. I have an Etsy shop for those of you who don’t know (post about it is coming soon) and one of my products will be up for the give away this week! It’s all for such a good cause and I hope you all join us and show some support.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful week!



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