San Diego Safari Park

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During my week off of work, I traveled to California to visit my girlfriend and her family. While I was there we went the San Diego Safari Park for my birthday. Although at first, I didn’t know where we were going since my girlfriend never gives me any details when it comes to surprises.
Once we got to the park we were both very excited since it was going to be both of our first time there. While we were there we saw tons of different animals from rhinos to lions, all types of birds and even some gorillas. Overall we walked around 5 Miles and still didn’t manage to see everything the Park had to offer since it’s so big.
Our experience there was great and it’s something that we both would definitely be doing again some day. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves the outdoors, wildlife, walking and seeing different kind of animals from all over the world.

Location: Escondido, CA

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